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1 von 1 in +> **** Wifey <+

2 Kommentare:
i wnt some **** today if u can
Immorality **** life style is very dirty & a sin to God.stop promoting such behaviours ,it increases desease n infections.ppl involves in ****,********.hetero****.****** n all sorts of **** ****s,woe 2such leaders promotin immoral behaviours,woe 2 any ppl or group promotin such characters,woe 2 any nation not punishin such citizens,woe 2 any church encouragin same **** practise,woe 2 any wap organising same ****,woe 2 state keepin & encouragin same **** & immoral behaviours,woe 2 any ppl exposin their body 4 a photo **** lickiin & transferin of **** or **** by individuals all in d na...

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